On this page you will find information on AAM’s Constitution, Executive Committee, Association Representatives, Annual General Meetings, Annual Reports, Annual Budgets & Action Plans


Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee of the association was elected on 24th October 2018 for a two year term ending on 24th October 2019. The current members are

President Mohamed Mauroof Jameel

Vice President Sujna Shakir

General Secretary Hussain Ziyath

Treasurer Mariyam Noona

Secretary Mohamed Jaishan

Association Representatives

Maldives Building & Construction Board
Mohamed Mauroof Jameel
Nominated on 17 January 2019

Appeals Committee
Mohamed Ishan Saeed
Nominated on 24 June 2019

Annual General Meetings

AGM 2019
Notification and Documents
Meeting Minutes (Draft Until Approved at AGM 2020)

AGM 2018
Notification and Documents
Meeting Minutes

AGM 2017
Notification and Documents
Meeting Minutes

Annual Reports

Annual Budgets

Annual Membership Fees

Action Plans