“Usoolu” by Engineer and Architect Mohamed Ali


Invitation : Architects’ Gathering @ MNU

AAM + Concerned Designers raise concerns to the Housing Minister and and the Mayor

Announcement by the Registrar of Architecural Pratictioners

Types, Materials & Techniques of Vernacular Architecture in the Maldives

Disaster Housing – Exhibition by the 5th Semester Architectural Students (MNU) / 5 – 9 july 2013

“Vernacular Architecture of the Maldives” – Lecture 2 – Typologies

“Vernacular Architecture of the Maldives”

MACI Build EXPO 2012/13 exhibits dumped as waste

MACI Build EXPO 2012-13 @ Dharubaaruge

AAM registration notice on Government of Maldives Gazette

MNU/Student Work

Minutes Of Meeting with Minister and PS at MHE, Sent to the Registrar at NBPAR

The Building Act Draft of the Maldives!

Dr. Nabeel Hamdi, Public Lecture at the Maldives National University

“The Placemaker’s Guide to Building Community” A Public Lecture by: Dr Nabeel Hamdi,

Invitiation for “practitioners” to review the draft of Maldives National Building Act.

The Display Structure: 350 Postcards at Surfing Point

Agenda (informal gathering at FET on 7/10/09)