To the Registrar NBPAR,

Please be informed that a meeting was held with the minister and the
permanent secretary who acknowledged and agreed the concerns of a
group of 8 architects whose general concerns were about the arbitrary
nature of the regulators decision making procedures.

Two key decisions acknowledged and agreed by the minister personally were:

1 to change the existing planning approvals to a two stage approval
whereby planning approvals for developments can be submitted without
structural drawings and approved when seen to meet the planning
regulations with regards to development heights , ventilation , use

2. The minister agreed to vacate the seats made available to
individual practitioners on the CIDBoard and announce the seats open
to applications made by associations with a collective ,mandate to
represent their particular professions, ie architects, engineers,
surveyors etc and these seats not to be limited to one seat per

We will endeavor to send a minutes of the above meeting with the
signatures of all in attendance at the beginning of the week.


# # # # #

January 2, 2012