Voting day :

13th May 2017

Voting time :

10:00 – 17:00 hrs


Eligibility to Vote:

– As per the constitution (maahdhaa 18, baa) all general members and professional members registered and verified 48 hrs before voting day will be allowed to take part in the vote.

– The constitution does not allow student members to vote in the Council elections.

– Final voters list will be published on 12th May 2017. (24hrs prior to voting)


Voting Methods:

Members will be allowed to vote either via email or by physical ballot.

Method 1:

Physical Vote at:

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Salaahudheen Building,

Ameenee Magu,


Method 2:

E voting via email:

Each eligible member will be sent an email ballot paper (unique ID) 24 hrs ahead of voting to the members’ email address on the AAM members registry.

Note: Email votes will only be accepted from the email addresses published on the AAM members registry (please inform admin@aamaldives.com to change or update email before the 9 pm 11th May 2017)


How to Vote:

Each member will receive a ballot with the list of candidates.

Voters shall select only 6 candidates with a beside the candidates name.

Ballots with more than 6 or less than six selections will not be counted.


Counting and Results:

Email votes will be counted after all physical votes are counted.

In a situation where a member is found to have cast a vote at site as well as via email, the email vote will not be counted.

Any official identification (driver’s license, passport or National ID card will be accepted)

Counting will commence immediately after voting ends (5pm, 13th May 2017) at the polling site.

All candidates and members are invited to be present until the votes are all counted and the final results are announced.

Counting will be carried out by the temp election committee formalised on 2nd March 2017 gathering.

Association of Civil Engineers have agreed to participate as independent observers throughout the election day and announcement of final results.


AAM temp election committee

10 May 2017




May 10, 2017