As discussed in the gathering held on the 02nd March 2017 regarding the council election, please find below processes agreed by those present, for the election of members to the AAM Council.


1- Voters’ eligibility and the Council Members’ eligibility.


2- The Method of Voting



        -Voters shall only tick the 6 names she/he wants.

        – More than 6 or any less than 6 will make the vote void.

In an event where there are less than 6 candidates for the council, the secretariat body shall start all over again.



    •       Election day:
06th May 2017 
[30 days from 05th April 2017, 12:00hrs to 06th May 2017 12:00hrs]
    •       Candidacy submission deadline:
05th April 2017, 12:00 hrs.
 (15 days from —– 23rd March 2017 12:00hrs to 05th April 2017)
– Final Candidate list will be published on 04th May 2017 (48hrs prior to voting)
    •       Voters registration deadline:
– 04th May 2017, 12:00hrs.
Final voters list will be published on 05th May 2017. (24hrs prior to voting)

    •       (All eligible for AAM membership should complete membership applications to be eligible to vote.)
(Student members are not eligible to vote in this election)


3-Temporary Committee

The temporary elections committee will provide oversight for this election.

The committee consists of 3 membership representatives selected at the meeting and president and the vice president of AAM.

Members of the election committee will not seek election for a council seat.


Temporary committee:

1-Shaufa Mohamed Saeed (AAM President)

2-Abdulla Fazeen (AAM Vice President)

3-Mohamed Ishan Saeed (Volunteered member of AAM)

4-Fathmath Isha (Volunteered member of AAM)

5-Mohamed Nishath (Volunteered member of AAM)


Note: Please address all the correspondence to


March 22, 2017