Dear Members

We would like to announce a timeline for the upcoming council election of our association.

The secretariat body of AAM together with the suggestions from the general members has decided that 60 calendar days to be sufficient for election campaigning and preparations. The 60 days will be counted from the 25th of December 2016.

Members interested in a seat on the AAM Council shall submit their names before 08th February 2017, 1800hrs [02 weeks prior to election date].

TO SUBMIT NAMES, PLEASE EMAIL TO together with ID card number, mobile number and relevant academic Certificate and/or CIDS registration number.

Those who are interested in running for the AAM Council must complete registration before 15th February 2017, 1800hrs [01 week before elections]. Those who register after this time will not be eligible to vote for this council election.

To become a member, please click the link below and follow the instructions.

There will be a gathering with all the members between 25th December 2016 and 08th February 2017, to discuss and rectify any issues. The date and venue will be announce 10 days prior the meeting date.

The venue and time for the council voting will be announced 07 days prior to the election.


Below are the voters’ criteria for the elections according to constitution.

  • Should be a registered professional member [Architectural part1or first degree holder], or

  • Should be a registered general member [Architectural Diploma or Equivalent]


  • Election day:
    February 22
    nd 2017 [60 days from 25th December 2016, 00:00hrs to 21st February 2017 23:59hrs]

  • Closing date for submission of Names for the Architects council of AAM seats:
    08th February 2017, 1800 hrs.

  • Closing date for member registration for this election:
    th February 2017, 18:00hrs.

AAM Council shall consist of:

  1. Sitting President – (Elected)

  2. Regulatory Authority Liaison Officer (AAM representative between regulator (CIDB) and AAM Council) _to be elected by members vote

  3. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

  4. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

  5. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

  6. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

  7. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

  8. Association Member (Professional) _to be elected by members vote

Note: Elected Association Member for Council shall not hold a post in the Secretariat Body.