Dear Members,

The Association has received notice from the Registrar of Association at the Ministry of Home Affairs Maldives formally endorsing the AAM constitution and your choices for the Secretariat:


President: Shaufa Mohamed Saeed

Vice President: Abdulla Fazeen

General Secretary: Saeed Adam

Treasurer: Hamraau Ahmed Fathuhee

Secretary: Saaif Mohamed Saleem


The letter from the Registrar of Associations is attached.

According to the AAM constitution the Secretariat can only be functional under the oversight of a functioning council.

As such, our first task is to hold the elections to appoint members to AAM Council as prescribed in the constitution.

We have identified key objectives in order for the first AAM Council to be representative of the Architectural Community of the Maldives.

– Verify the existing membership registry to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined in the constitution

– Encourage non member practitioners to register as members

– Allow a reasonable time frame for interested practitioners to gain eligibility to contest for a AAM Council Seat.

Please allow me to congratulate all our members and Architects and express our sincere gratitude to all those who have helped

get AAM off the ground.

NB: please view the Council Configuration and Organization Chart here :





Shaufa M Saeed






# #

December 12, 2016