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On the 19th of August 2019, AAM, along with other associations involved in the construction industry, were invited to meet with the People’s Majlis’ Committee on National Development and Heritage to share and discuss the challenges and difficulties faced in the industry.

AAM was represented at the meeting by Vice President, Hussain Ziyath and Treasurer Mariyam Noona along with Mohamed Ishan Saeed, representing the general members of AAM.

The discussions and the document shared with the People’s Majlis Committee highlighted key areas that were submitted and discussed among the members of AAM. The document submitted focused on 9 key points as follows:

  1. Regulator, laws and regulations and enforcing
  2. Registration process of Architects & Architectural firms
  3. Design approval process
  4. Project cost and financing
  5. Current tendering process for government projects
  6. Foreign consultancy
  7. Housing
  8. Design copyrights
  9. Architectural education

Concluding the meeting, AAM presented the document to the committee and also requested for an opportunity for further engagement on the challenges faced by architects working in the industry.

The document prepared and submitted to the committee can be viewed at the link below:

August 23, 2020

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