4D Island, in association with AAM & Atollscape, successfully hosted a Grasshopper Introductory workshop for AAM Members from 4th-8th Aug 2019

Image by 4D Island – Canopy

The aims of the workshop were (as presented by 4D Island);

  1. Basic working understanding of Grasshopper
  2. The potential of grasshopper and parametric design tools
  3. Using collected data to inform design
  4. Applying data based design methods and investigations

During the workshop participants were taught basic grasshopper scripting skills where they recreated ‘twisting tower’ geometries, a public spaces canopy, used image sampling to map greenery on a satellite image of an island, and mapped and visualized population data on a map of the Maldives.

Image by 4D Island – Twisting Tower

Most importantly, participants were given a well guided exposure to the rhino plugin, and enough understanding to take it further individually and explore the limits of it on both a personal and professional capacity.

We appreciate 4D Island for conducting the workshop and look forward to similar collaborations in the near future.

Image by 4D Island – Mapped Population Data

September 17, 2019