Our most recent AAM Talk was presented by Oscar McDonald (Architect, Space Syntax) & Ben Pollock (Architect, Jestico+Whiles & University of Westminster) where they talked about their research and design collective, 4D Island.

They introduced 4D Island as an initiative investigating the use of data to inform sustainable urban systems in the Maldives. By researching and establishing strategic parametric relationships between climate stresses, development need and local conditions, the project is looking to co-develop resilient urban systems and adaptable architecture that is socially conscious and unique to each island.

Examples of work currently being undertaken in their professional capacity were also presented, where they investigate and use multiple types of data to inform design and planning decisions.

To achieve the aims of the 4D Island initiative, they aim to establish an open source data platform to gather and analyse data (population statistics, disaster risks, building heights etc; any and all data). This can also be a collaborative large scale mapping that is crowd sourced, especially given the hyper-connectedness of the Maldives

This follows mapping the data against one another, to identify relationships, and to use that information to inform design through ‘parametric systems that are editable and flexible’ which would enable both incremental changes, as well as be scalable to be applied in varying local contexts.

The next step involves engaging as many members of the community to support and grow the platform with feedback and knowledge sharing. This bottom-up effort is then further strengthened with the right top-down support resulting in an open source and collaborative platform that helps develop ‘a resilient urban system and adaptable architecture that is socially conscious and unique to each island.’

The 4D Island AAM Talk presentation pdf can be viewed at this link.

September 17, 2019