AAM Talks returns this Saturday, with Oscar McDonald (Architect, Space Syntax) & Ben Pollock (Architect, Jestico+Whiles & University of Westminster) presenting a talk about @4D_Island

@4D_Island is a research and design collective investigating the use of data to inform sustainable urban systems in the Maldives. By researching and establishing strategic parametric relationships between climate stresses,development need and local conditions, the project is looking to co-develop resilient urban systems and adaptable architecture that is socially conscious and unique to each island.

What is the future of urban design in the Maldives? Centralised? Decentralised? Polycentric mesh-networks? How can data inform urban design and benefit its inhabitants longterm? How should the complexity and uncertainty of climate change drive proposals? How can this be done at scale and speed? Is parametricism the answer? Join us for a for a group discussion – we want to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday night!

August 6, 2019