Our most recent AAM Talk was presented on the topic ‘Buoyant Ecologies’ by Margaret Ikeda (CCA Professor, Architecture), Evan Jones, (CCA Professor, Architecture), Leslie Roberts (Chair & Professor CCA Graduate Writing) & John Oliver,PhD (Benthic Lab MLML) in association with Doric.

Leslie discussed ‘The Ecopoesis Project‘, a collaboration project between CCA’s MFA Writing Program and Architectural Ecologies Lab which she leads along with Adam Marcus & Chris Falliers. The project explores interdisciplinary dialogue around ecology, climate , language, media, and ‘representations of ecological uncertainty’ in an age of increased man-made pressure on our natural environment.

Margaret & Evan discussed the work of ‘Architectural Ecologies Lab‘ a design studio led by them at the California College of the Arts focusing on “architectural strategies to address ecological challenges like sea level rise, habitat restoration, and climate change” achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration and experimental fabrication & prototyping.

One of their most recent studios include the “Buoyant Ecologies Maldives“, a design studio focused on creating floating ifrastructural strategies for the Maldives.

John from Benthic Lab also discussed some of his observations of the Maldivian reef ecosystems.

The talk ended with a panel discussion moderated by Margaret, with local architects <Name>, Mariyam Noona, along with Dr Abdulla Naseer, a prominent marine biologist, joining the speakers on stage to discuss the realistic prospects and hurdles of such speculative projects for the Maldives in the context of the climate crisis and rising sea levels.

August 10, 2019