AAM & FENDA will be hosting a Grasshopper workshop facilitated by 4D Island & Atollscape.

4D Island is a research and design collective investigating the use of data to inform sustainable urban systems in the Maldives. By researching and establishing strategic parametric relationships between climate stresses, development need and local conditions, the project is looking to co-develop resilient urban systems and adaptable architecture that is socially conscious and unique to each island.

Interested members are encouraged to sign-up using the online form on aamaldives.com/4Disland. Please note that seats are limited and registration is first come, first serve. A fee will also be charged from all participants as follows:

MVR 500 for AAM Professional/General Members ( 8 Slots )
MVR 150 for AAM Student Members ( 7 Slots )

The workshop runs from 4th-8th Aug 2019 (5 Days, Sun-Thu), with daily sessions from 830-1030pm. Registration deadline is 1st Aug 2019 (11:59PM). Participants will be required to bring their own computer equipment with Rhino 5.0 or 6.0 and Grasshopper installed and be familar with CAD software & 3D modelling.

More details can be found at aamaldives.com/4Disland

July 28, 2019