Mauroof Jameel presented our most recent #AAMtalks on the topic of coral stone architecture in the Maldives and its future.

He introduced us to the very basics of coral stones, from its history to the different types of stone found around the country. We were then introduced to the different historical periods of the Maldives and how coral stone architecture evolved throughout, with reference to many existing structures. Notably the ‘Golden Age’ of coral stone architecture was from 1525 to 1835 when architecture, construction techniques and art were combined to produce a unique architecture not found in any other part of the world. The best example of this period being the Old Friday Mosque located in Malé.

Revival and future trends of the field were then presented with modern day examples of how coral stones and it’s construction techniques are now being used for creating artworks, sculptures, as well as being reused as architectural material.

The talk ended with the question whether architectural form, construction techniques and art can once again come together to create a new building form, a challenge that may perhaps be taken up by future architects.

We would like to thank our speaker Mauroof Jameel for the very informative lecture, and to everyone who came down for the talk. We hope to see you again at our next #AAMtalks. Special thanks to Axis Café for hosting us.

February 28, 2019