Following on from the ‘Symposium on Regulations under the Construction Act’ hosted by the Ministry of National Planning & Infrastructure (MNPI) on 15th & 16th January 2019, AAM held working sessions from 20th to 28th January among it’s membership to review the draft regulations under the Construction Act and provide our feedback on them.

AAM worked out a framework on the review process, a schedule to urgently review the drafts, and prioritized the drafts to be reviewed in order of urgency to address the current crisis related to health and safety on construction sites.

Sessions were held every weeknight from 830-1030pm at Classroom-1, Dharubaaruge; venue and stationary courtesy of MNPI. Members were also given the opportunity to submit comments online.

The sessions resulted in a resolution that was presented to members on a general meeting held on 29th January 2019 at Classroom-1, Dharubaaruge, and passed through a majority vote.

Another majority vote was passed to adopt a document compiled by a member describing a model framework for administrative regulations based on International Building Code by International Code Council.

The resolution and model framework can be viewed on our publications page as well as below.

February 6, 2019