AAM attended a symposium hosted by the Ministry of National Planning & Infrastructure on 15th, 16th & 17th January 2019. The purpose of the sessions were to present the due draft regulations required to be published under the Construction Act.

It was noted that the symposium lacked a productive or structured manner and as such, the three-day symposium was cut short to only two days. The draft regulations were not sent to participants before the event, and print-outs were also not available initially during the event . Certain key regulations such as the Administrative Regulation were also not available, and we were informed that it had been sent to the Attorney Generals office for approval without any stakeholder consultation.

Prior to the symposium AAM informed the ministry via email that we do not believe a single symposium would be effective and requested for a follow up event to be held before any conclusions are drawn.

During the first session AAM reiterated this request that a follow up session be scheduled to which the Minister agreed.

AAM then took a stand as a representative body to not make any comments during the symposium.

The symposium concluded without any productive discussions or output.

February 6, 2019