With regard to the fatal construction incident of 16th December 2018, AAM, along with other stakeholders, were invited to a series of meetings with the Ministry of National Planning & Infrastructure (MNPI) and Malé City Council on 16th, 17th & 18th December.

Following on from this, AAM responded to an official request sent on 20th December by the MNPI to comment on their draft Health and Safety Regulation (‘Imaaraiy Kurumuge Amalee Masahkaiykurumugai Gengulhenjehey Salaamathee Mingaduthakuge Gavaaidh’).

After consulting with our membership, AAM provided their response in a meeting held at the ministry on 23rd December and through a letter sent on 24th December. AAM executive committee members expressed AAM’s wish to get involved in matters related to built environment and stressed the importance of the following regarding the draft regulation.

  1. The need to further engage specialists in the field of occupational health and safety.
  2. The need to identify roles and responsibilities of regulators and develop enforcement capacity.
  3. The need to prepare supporting documents to make regulations effective.
  4. The need to work on a specified timeline.


December 24, 2018