With regard to the fatal construction incident that took place in Malé on 16th December 2018, and after attending a series of stakeholder meetings on 16th, 17th & 18th December with the Ministry of National Planning & Infrastructure and Malé City Council,  an official request was sent to AAM on 20th December for comments on a set of Draft Health & Safety Regulations being prepared by the ministry. 

In response to this, AAM would like to announce an AAM Consultation session to seek member comments, to understand our position, and to formulate a response that is appropriate, and agreed to by members. 

The session will be held on 22nd December 2018 from 8PM to 10PM at Axis Café, Malé. We apologise for the short notice, but encourage as many members to attend given the gravity of the discussions that are taking place, and to ensure that AAM is fairly represented.

We have been asked to provide our official response to the ministry by 1PM, 23rd December 2018, Sunday.

In addition, members can also submit their comments via aamaldives.com/comments

December 20, 2018