On 6th December 2018 members of our Executive Committee had the pleasure of meeting President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and introducing our association to the president.

In our meeting we briefly explained our short history and recent efforts in making AAM more active. We also discussed our hopes for getting greater representation for architects in decision-making bodies, as well as current issues of density and congestion faced by our capital.

President Solih acknowledged the significant role architects play in shaping the built environment around us and emphasised his hope that sustainable and environment friendly design practices are followed by designers. He also stressed the importance of accessible design for people with different needs, noting that such provisions are currently lacking in most buildings. He encouraged us to engage with the government and to reach out to relevant ministries to ensure fair policies and due representation for architects.

We appreciate the President for giving us his time and look forward to engaging collectively with the government and the public for better representation of architects and to improve the quality of the built-environment in the Maldives.

December 15, 2018