Information and discussion on the current status of the association Mohamed Ishan   / Abdul Hannan

Brief presentation of association rules (Jamiyaa behey gaanoonu). Abdul Hannan

Information on the need for the association to engage with MTHE in the formation of regulations.

Advisor to the Minister Adnan Ali ( MTHE)

Open discussion on future activities:

Office address / contact details set up /Website/ Magazine/ Logo / Financing the association. / Memberships registration procedure

Election of administrative body of the association

President / Vice president / Treasurer / Secretary 1 / Secretary 2

Discussion on a way to engage with the regulator ( MHTE) (nominate representatives etc.)

Set date for the next meeting


October 7, 2009


…. The Ministry that should be working in the interest of the public seems to have lost the bearing here very much..

The law has been clearly made to protect business of the veteran engineers as they will be getting less and less work as more engineers come to Maldives….it all comes down to economics….they are creating demand for engineers by limiting the people who can actually practice the work

The criteria for PE is not only unrealistic it will discourage students from taking engineering as no one will want to spend there money on a degree that is useless…

Anonymous said…
I am glad you have taken the clients point of view to make your point.
I feel they are really the ones that suffer at all ends of the game with ad hocism of all these regulations and codes.
planning permission should be given based on the intention to comply to the regulations and minimum documents that prove this intention.

whereas in Maldives the client goes to “so called” architect and an engineer, pays them full fees, and submits for approval only to be rejected on a technicality.

an apprentice engineer rejects the experienced professional.

I the goverment taking on the liability of the design?

Any how client spends more time and money gets approval in compliance wuth a building regulation that allows subplots as small as 90 sqft, no ventilation or daylight, no escape in case of fire, etc.etc.

i do not believe there are any building “professionals” in this country yet.

until their is a legal charter that recognizes and take responsibility for the built enviroment and the welbeing of the people.

Its up to the practitioners to push the politics.

I think architects and engineers have been apathetic towards the client, because of the high demand.
They have been happy to take the money and deliver shit even when they knew it was shit.
July 30, 2009 1:38 AM